Our Vineyards

Domaine Della sources from only the finest vineyard sources in the Russian River Valley, Sonoma Coast, and Santa Lucia Highlands. 

All are highly renowned and acclaimed by Pinot Noir and Chardonnay enthusiasts worldwide. David feels fortunate to carry relationships with such incredible growers from his time with Kosta Browne.

We are pleased to share with you details from each our sites and hope you enjoy learning more about our wines from the place they started from. 

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Ritchie Vineyard

Since 2015

Ritchie Vineyard, located in the heart of the Russian River Valley, is widely renowned for producing some of the finest Chardonnay wines in California. 

The vineyard has been carefully tended by Kent Ritchie for over four decades, who has been dedicated to cultivating the unique terroir of the site. The vineyard was first planted in 1972 and sits on a northwest-facing hillside, featuring old vines nestled amidst the rolling hills of the region. The soil at the Ritchie vineyard is a unique blend of sandy Goldridge soils from an ancient seabed, volcanic ash deposits and pockets of tufa rocks, and sloping benchlands leading into the Russian River. This combination creates a terroir that is highly sought-after, resulting in wines that are known for their intensity, natural acidity, and complexity. 

The vineyard’s reputation for producing outstanding wines has led to its legendary, cult status amongst wine enthusiasts. We are honored to partner with Kent Ritchie and craft our own unique expression of such an iconic site.

Graham Family Vineyard

Since 2016

The Graham Family Vineyard is a premier winegrowing estate located in the Green Valley sub-appellation of the renowned Russian River Valley AVA. Founded in 2001 by Howard Graham, the vineyard boasts exceptional terroir, characterized by its deep layer of Gold Ridge sandy loam soil, unique water-holding capacity, and close proximity to the Pacific Ocean – just less than 10 miles away. This unique combination of soil and location, along with cooling ocean breezes, layers of fog, and ample sunshine, creates the ideal conditions for growing high-quality Pinot Noir.

The vineyard is planted with a diverse selection of Pinot Noir clones, including 667, 777, 828, Swan and Calera, which are carefully tended by experienced vineyard managers to ensure maximum quality and flavor expression. The vineyard is situated at an elevation of 150 feet, with a south-facing exposure, and the vines are 20 years old.

In addition to its exceptional terroir, the Graham Family Vineyard is also known for its sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. The vineyard practices dry farming, which means that it does not rely on irrigation, and instead relies on the natural water-holding capacity of the soil to support the growth of the vines. Additionally, the vineyard is also known for its low yield farming, which results in a higher concentration of flavors and complexity in the grapes, and ultimately in the wine. These sustainable practices, along with the unique terroir, allow the vineyard to produce wines that are not only delicious but also express the distinct characteristics of the Green Valley sub-appellation.

We are honored to work with Howard Graham and his family and grateful for the opportunity to create our own unique expression from the grapes grown at the Graham Family Vineyard. It is a privilege to be able to craft a wine that truly represents the essence and character of the vineyard and the region.

Earl Stephens Vineyard

Since 2017

Earl Stephens planted his vineyard in 1997, transitioning from growing apples to grapes. The vineyard is located in Green Valley, about eight miles inland from the Pacific, in the northern end of Green Valley and the southwest portion of the Russian River Valley. 

The vineyard has four different clones of grapes, Dijon 115, 667, 777, and Pomard 4, which contribute to the diversity of the grapes grown in the vineyard. The land has three different types of soil, Gold Ridge, Franciscan, and riparian, with three different exposures, northwest, southwest and western. The different elevations, exposures, and soil types contribute to the diversity of the grapes, giving them different tastes, which results in a complex and interesting wine.

The vineyard has an elevation difference of 125 feet, with the top of the vineyard a thick gold ridge soil, which is actually decomposed volcanic ash. As the elevation drops, the soil changes to Franciscan, a shale hard pan, and then to riparian at the bottom. The different soil types and exposures give the grapes grown in the vineyard unique characteristics, contributing to the diverse and complex taste of the wine. The vineyard also has a microclimate, which is influenced by its proximity to the ocean, which contributes to the taste of the grapes and the wine.

The blend of the four clones and the diverse soil, elevations, exposures, and microclimate make Earl Stephens vineyard a unique and special place to grow grapes and make wine. The multiple variables in the vineyard, such as the diverse soil types, elevations, and exposures, give the grapes grown in the vineyard a distinct and complex taste, which results in high quality wine.

Terra de Promissio Vineyard

Since 2013

Terra de Promissio vineyard is a premier winemaking destination located in Petaluma, California. Boasting 50 acres of carefully tended vines, this vineyard is known for its outstanding Pinot Noir grapes, grown from a variety of clones including Dijon 115 and 777, 943, 97, and Field Blend. The unique terroir of Terra de Promissio, including its southwest sun exposure, hill elevation, and proximity to the Petaluma Gap, creates the perfect conditions for slow grape maturation and extended hang time. This results in grapes that are perfectly ripe and bursting with flavor, making for exceptional and age-worthy wines.

At Terra de Promissio, every row and block is specifically farmed to the winemakers’ instructions, with a focus on producing fruit with a balance of sugars, acidity and physiological ripeness. The vineyard is committed to sustainable farming practices and is dedicated to producing the finest grapes possible.

Domaine Della feels truly privileged to have the opportunity to craft wines from the grapes grown at Terra de Promissio. The grapes grown at this world-class site are truly exceptional, and we’re honored to be able to create wines that truly capture the essence of this beautiful vineyard. The dedication of Charles and Diana Karren, and their entire family, to producing the highest quality grapes is evident in every bottle of wine that we create from Terra de Promissio. From the moment the grapes are picked to the moment the wine is bottled, we take great care to ensure that the unique characteristics of the vineyard are reflected in the final product. The passion and hard work of the Karren family is evident in every sip of Terra de Promissio wine, and we are grateful to be a part of that legacy. We believe that the wines we create from this vineyard are a true reflection of the land and the people who work it, and we are proud to share them with the world. 

Soberanes Vineyard

Since 2018

Soberanes Vineyard is a world-class site located in the Santa Lucia Mountains of Monterey County, California. The Pisoni and Franscioni families, who have deep roots in the area, planted the 38-acre vineyard in 2008 with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah. The site’s location in the Santa Lucia Highlands, combined with its unique terroir, make it one of the most sought-after locations for premium wine grapes in California.

The vineyard sits on an eastward-facing alluvial terrace that gently slopes down to the valley floor, providing ideal drainage and root penetration for the vines. The soil is composed of Arroyo Seco Sandy Loam, and the annual rainfall is around 10-13 inches. The rows are planted in a north-south direction, which allows for more uniform sun exposure throughout the day. The morning fog and cool, steady winds from the nearby Monterey Bay provide a long and steady growing season for the grapes.

The vineyard is hand-farmed by the Pisoni and Franscioni families, who use old-world growing practices to produce wines of intensity and vibrancy. The grapes are tended to each week by a talented and loyal team, and yields are carefully controlled to ensure premium quality. The grapes are harvested at night to preserve their delicate flavors and aromas.

27 acres of the vineyard are planted with Pinot Noir, nearly all of which is Pisoni clone, with just a small section of 667 clone. 10 acres are committed to Chardonnay, which is Old Wente clones and Syrah is Alban clone. The grapes from Soberanes Vineyard are sold to a select few high-end wineries, including Domaine Della.

Domaine Della is incredibly grateful to be one of the wineries fortunate enough to craft wines from the world-class Soberanes Vineyard. The unique terroir of the site, combined with the meticulous care and attention given to the grapes by the Pisoni and Franscioni families, results in wines of exceptional quality and character. Domaine Della’s wines from Soberanes Vineyard are a true expression of the land, and they are honored to be able to share them with wine lovers around the world.


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